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Changes in your organisation’s environment demand a change in the prevailing leadership style: the coaching manager. At the same time this requires development of personal leadership amongst all colleagues!

An integrated approach, geared to all levels, fosters great commitment within the organisation. The intention, to really wanting to change, grows and gives rise to more team spirit. It is all about creating an open culture promoting self-reflection and growth. Performance discussions are more focused on development. The focus is on applying leadership-skills in the day-to-day work of managers.


Many (international) companies are 24-hour organisations. In these organisations, employees experience greater stress and pressure. The work itself in turn requires total devotion and availability at all times – think of email and the GSM. Even at home for instance, both partners in a household may hold paid jobs, and divide parental duties between them. Schools and clubs ask parents to help out and contribute their time. This performance pressure and demanding environments require huge flexibility from employees, and a certain skill in juggling all the competing expectations and demands.

Besides this, globalisation has accounted for increased travel, flexibility such as virtual office meetings to compensate for time zone differences, and working in intercultural ooperative relationships;all of which place high demand on communication skills.

As a manager, you are responsible for how the organisation and the employees develop themselves within this set of occasionally competing demands.


Managers initially compile a personal development plan through an assessment, and then use the same instruments to support their employees in compiling and fulfilling their personal development plans. Team coaching and the creation of a network of leaders learning from each other, further strengthens this process. If desired, the supervisor may receive “shadow coaching” in which he will receive feedback on his style and his effectiveness.


In dialogue with management, medical, Health & Safety services, and HRM personnel, Be Balanced will develop and facilitate customised workshops for responsible line management and their teams, where insight into stress theory and experiences in managing pressures will be shared. Tools as; 180/360 degree feedback, personal reflection surveys and role-play will help enhance the discussions and awareness. In addition BE BALANCED could coach individual colleagues in positioning their individual goals in a realistic plan.