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BE BALANCED supports you in dealing with all teambuilding issues and improving effectiveness of interpersonal communication within a team setting. Together with you, we will examine whether it concerns developing shared goals, or issues of cooperation hampering efficiency.

During the support process, BE BALANCED utilises special HRM tools such as the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), the Intervention map and the Core quadrant analysis.

Ultimately, it is all about working together with employees to achieve effective communication, address and use differences (in qualities), enhance involvement and implement interpersonal mentoring and coaching.

Potential themes to be addressed in intervision may include:
- leading teams
- facilitating peer-to-peer groups to enhance the learning capacity and learning from diversity
- conducting an open dialogue
- coaching colleagues
- conducting difficult discussions with colleagues
- dealing with and benefiting from various forms of resistance
- discussion of Work-Life-Balance and Stress themes